Environment Refactoring and Cost Optimization

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July 24, 2022 by
Environment Refactoring and Cost Optimization
Khalid Waleed

About Solfeh

Solfeh is a FinTech platform, providing same-day emergency cash advancements to salaried employees. Solfeh is a technology-oriented where everyone within its network is able to access its emergency cash services. All this is based on a systematic approach that responds to its specific clients, lending methodologies, operating environments, and financial and social performance objectives.


Solfeh has two main applications to run their business built on AWS, they were looking for a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to enhance the applications performance, availability and most importantly the security.

The Solution

Cirrusgo designed and did refactor Solfeh architecture with considering security, high availability, fault tolerance and cost efficiency terms.

The design decoupled the application components from one server and used AWS managed services for the database and storage. The application is deployed on multiple EC2 instances in multiple availability zones within the Region in an autoscaling group (ASG) behind an Application load balancer (ALB). The database is deployed on Amazon Aurora serverless for scalability and cost efficiency

We configured a VPC with public and private subnets across multiple availability zones, Amazon WAF and Guard Duty with VPC flow logs for application and network security. In addition to Monitoring Services, which are a set of practices that you can use to check the security and performance of data and resources.

Amazon EC2 Systems Manager is used to manage the system running on the environment, using Patch manager, session manager, and many others.

Overall benefits and enhancements form engaging cirrusgo are:

  • Application and data Security are incredibly increased.
  • Application Performance and availability are increased.
  • In addition to have all the above benefits, the total cost is reduced by ~20%