Sporter Well-Architected Framework Review

June 27, 2024 by
Rama Odetallah

Sporter, a leading provider of health and fitness products in the MENA and GCC regions. They had a substantial AWS environment with two workloads and multiple resources. However, their AWS costs were exceedingly high. cirrusgo conducted a Well Architected Review, focusing on cost optimization, security, and performance efficiency. This ensured that Sporter not only met their cost reduction goals but also enhanced their overall performance and security, positioning them for continued growth.

About Sporter 

Sporter is the leading source for health and fitness products in the MENA and GCC regions. Founded in 2012, Sporter is the first and largest online store for sports supplements, vitamins, healthy food, and sportswear. They serve customers worldwide through their website, mobile application, and physical store, offering affordable rates, quick shipping, genuine quality brands, a wide selection of items, and an exceptional customer experience. Sporter is dedicated to guiding customers to achieve their fitness goals.


Sporter’s AWS environment consisted of two workloads and multiple resources. However, their AWS costs were exceedingly high, prompting them to evaluate other cloud services for more cost-effective solutions. Despite their impressive website performance and commitment to customer experience, they faced the challenge of maintaining or enhancing performance while significantly reducing costs. The objective was to optimize their AWS expenses to make it the most cost-effective option available while also improving or maintaining high performance standards.


The Solution

To address Sporter’s challenges, we undertook a Well Architected Framework Review focusing on three key pillars: cost optimization, security, and performance efficiency. Our extensive AWS experience and knowledge guided the identification of improvement opportunities.

 Compute Resource Management

Performance Monitoring: Implemented systems to monitor resource performance and utilization.

Optimized Compute Resources: Chose the most suitable compute options to enhance performance and reduce costs.

Right-Sizing: Adjusted compute resources to ensure they met workload performance requirements, eliminating both under- and over-utilization.

Security Enhancements

Enhanced Sign-In Security: Strengthened sign-in mechanisms for IAM users and the root account.

Centralized Identity Management: Established centralized identity management.

Temporary Credentials: Minimized the risk associated with long-term credentials by using temporary credentials.

Credential Management: Implemented credential rotation policies and conducted regular compliance audits.

Operational Efficiency

Improved Monitoring: Enhanced service and application logging for better monitoring and troubleshooting.

Optimized Resource Usage: Identified and removed unused resources to prevent waste.

Cost Optimization: Conducted cost modeling to ensure optimal sizing for each workload component.

Efficient Backup Management: Established regional settings for snapshots and backup data, with lifecycle policies based on requirements.


After implementing the remediation plan, Sporter achieved the following: 

Cost Reduction 


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