cirrusgo Sponsors AWS Financial Services Day Event!

June 10, 2024 by
cirrusgo, Mona Sarraj

cirrusgo recently sponsored the “Financial Services Day” event on March 6 at the Ritz-Carlton, Amman. 

The event included discussions and presentations on how FSI clients address the challenges they face in doing business by adopting cloud technology and preparing to do business on their own.

The Regional Director of Amazon Web Services - Middle East, Mr. Mohammed Al-Shanwani, stressed the importance of cloud computing in banking and financial services and how financial institutions can benefit from the benefits it provides, including fraud detection, cost reduction, protection, and compliance with systems, in addition to improving... Relationship with customers and ensuring continuity.

In turn, the co-founder and CEO of cirrusgo, Khaled Walid, emphasized the promising future of cloud computing and its great role in providing all solutions characterized by innovation and flexibility in the field of information technology. He stressed its role in developing the companies’ work mechanism, which contributes to saving costs, enhancing the possibilities of cooperation, and expanding business without adding Additional burdens on infrastructure.

The attendees from the Jordan Association of Banks and prominent leaders from various banks in Jordan took the opportunity to delve into discussions, exchange ideas, and explore new strategies for adopting cloud solutions in preparation for moving to a new stage in implementing their work in the future, which will bring them the best results.

During the event, financial services professionals from AWS, along with a team of industry experts from DiXiO, Murex, and Fenergo, shared their insights and discussed key highlights regarding building and operating agile, high-performance systems that lead to excellence in today's competitive landscape. The event provided an important platform for stakeholders. To connect, collaborate and exchange ideas with fellow industry experts.

It is worth noting that the event agenda included several topics, including:

Data Transformation at FSI: Discover the power of data transformation in the financial sector and how it is reshaping the industry landscape

Data and AI Strategy: Unlocking the potential of AI-based data strategies and how they are revolutionizing decision-making processes.

Payment Mechanism Modernization: Explore the latest trends in payment modernization and how financial transactions are being simplified.

Smart Technology in Treasury and Capital Markets: Dive into the world of smart technology applications in treasury and capital markets to enhance efficiency and profitability.

Case Study: Help banks plan for success and learn from a real-life case study on customer onboarding strategies that paved the way for success in banking operations.

In conclusion, an exclusive presentation was presented by AWS Marketplace, which included a glimpse into the advanced solutions that shape the future of the financial services industry.

cirrusgo emphasized its ability to provide more advanced updates to enable its customers to benefit from innovative solutions that qualify them to enter a successful digital transformation journey.

It is worth noting that cirrusgo is a full-service provider of custom-built, cloud-based IT solutions, part of Amazon's AWS Partner Network (APN), and one of the few outsourced business and IT consulting companies selected by Amazon as a high-quality IT service provider. Quality under their APN umbrella. cirrusgo experts will help set up your private cloud infrastructure based on your company's size and individual needs.

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